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A Technology That Keeps Private Conversations Private

Granted, it’s not as vitally necessary as a technology that would keep me from overhearing every phone conversation on the bus and subway during my commute every morning and again in the evening, but this ranks very high on the list. It might ensure that the person on line behind you at the CVS pharmacy counter doesn’t […]

Can Changing Your Voice Put You in a Better Mood?

Many people are surprised when they listen to their own voices, recorded for things like voicemail messages or IVR scripts. “Do I really sound like that?” they might ask. Turns out, they might not. New research has found that when people listened to their voices after they were altered to take on a different emotional […]

Speech Has Gone Mainstream

This year’s annual gathering of all things technology–the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, has now concluded. And while there were a lot of different technologies on display, the one thing that didn’t disappoint was speech. Speech technologies were all over the show. Some of the biggest innovations were in applications of the technolgy in cars […]

The Robot Revolution Has Started

Voice-enabled robots have been showing up in all sorts of places lately. In just the past few weeks alone, they have arrived at a number of train stations in Japan and France, started delivering the weather on morning TV news broadcasts in China, and began teaching languages to Syrian refuges in Germany. Japan’s Keikyu Railway […]

Software Can Detect Therapist’s Empathy

Software Can Detect Therapist’s Empathy

Researchers from the University of Southern California, the University of Washington, and the University of Utah have developed technology that can tell people just how empathetic their therapists will be. The software, developed at USC’s Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab, uses automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning to detect high or low […]

Software outperforms humans at guessing how we feel by analyzing speech

As if we humans didn’t already have enough of an inferiority complex, now it seems that software developed at the University of Rochester in New York by graduate students Na Yang and Emre Eskimez was better able to identify emotions in recorded audio files than a group of nearly 150 human subjects. When classifying 700 […]

Is Innovation Being Outsourced to Academia?

Is Innovation Being Outsourced to Academia?

Innovation has been at the center of the speech technology industry for decades, with companies big and small taking software first developed in the 1950s and making it better, faster, more robust, more accurate, and more life-like, and then bringing it to more devices and use cases. The industry giants, though, seem to have hit […]