2013 Honda Accord EX-L V-6 Coupe.

I’m Talking to My Car Now

Last week I upgraded my ride from a 14-year-old Honda Civic with 90,000 miles to a newer Honda Accord with all the latest bells and whistles. Voice recognition is among them, allowing me to control my phone, but also some in-car systems, such as the radio and the temperature settings, by voice. All I need […]

Cars Become the New Cash Cow for Speech

API.ai, a Palo Alto, Calif., a startup that provides a developer platform for adding artificial intelligence and natural language speech interfaces to Web and mobile apps and devices, this week closed a $3 million funding round. And while the amount of money involved might not seem significant, where it is coming from could be. The […]

Jibo Continues to Build Support

Jibo Continues to Build Support

Jibo, the talking, emotive, domestic social robot that is still in development, continues to attract attention, this time from Dentsu, which has reportedly just invested $3 million in the project. The company will also provide “support for the development, promotion, and spread of Jibo worldwide,” it said. According to Dentsu, its interest in Jibo stems […]

Amazon Delivers Alexa Voice API

On the heels of a $100 million investment to support developers, manufacturers, and start-ups looking to create unique and innovative experiences designed around the human voice, Amazon has released the Alexa Voice Service (AVS), the same service that powers Amazon Echo, in developer preview. With AVS, customers will be able to speak to Alexa through the microphone on connected devices and Alexa will […]

We Won’t Be Laughing at Google Voicemail Transcriptions Any More

We Won’t Be Laughing at Google Voicemail Transcriptions Any More

Google claims to have cut errors produced by its Google Voice and Project Fi voicemail transcription service by 49 percent, helping the search giant put an end to its notoriously bad—and in some cases humorously unintelligible—voicemail-to-text conversions. Google pulled off this major accomplishment through a process it calls a “long short-term memory deep recurrent neural […]

This Luddite Loves Cortana

For the longest time, I held off getting a smartphone for fear of the technology taking over my life. I grasped onto my “dumb” phone as long as I could, until finally it became almost unusable. This weekend, I walked into my local AT&T Wireless store and sprang for a Microsoft Nokia Lumia smartphone. It’s Windows-based, […]

The Japanese Go All In on Virtual Assistants

Here in the Western World, the big-name tech firms, like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, have been mapping out a large portion of the speech technology industry with voice-driven assistant apps, like Siri, Google Now,  Cortana, and Alexa respectively. While far less public, and not capturing as much attention here in the United States, several large Japanese companies–most […]