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  1. Vince P.T. Canyon
    Vince P.T. Canyon April 1, 2009 at 3:20 pm |

    I fooled them all with my disappearing rabbit trick. The whole staff at the hospital was in stitches. A cold wind blew from the east. I thought: So this is how it will be at the end. White light poured in from above. I had a chill. Mercy me, I said to no on in particular. The bats are out tonight. I rubbed the religious totem my aunt had given me. Her hair had been the most spectacular shade of yellow. I recall pulling strands of it from my hairbrush. Those summer days when we walked on the beach with the dogs. Oh those were the days. Where is Martha, I thought. Not here. Never here. Why, Martha? She did not answer. They seldom do.

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