Adam B.

On The First Day of Non Denominational Holiday My True Love Gave To Me

sugar plums

OK Speech-Heads: Get ready for the first in a series of Holiday Posts focused on giving that Special Someone in your life the Perfect Holiday Gift: Speech Technology.

That’s right, my Speech Brother Eric B. and I are making a list and checking it twice: We know which speech vendors have been naughty and which have been nice.  So before you give Mom TTS when all she wanted was STT, check out our Top 2009 Holiday Gift Picks.

Gift Pick Number One is a rather obvious one: The Amazon Kindle.  As we all know, this baby is going to be HOT HOT HOT this year and is packed to the gills with (controversial) TTS Technology.  So give the Gift of Speech Technology this year.  And tune in later this week for Gift Pick Number 2.