Len Klie

Are Google and Apple Getting a Little Friendlier?

Because no week is complete lately without some speech-related news from the Big Three (Apple, Microsoft, or Google), we bring you this little nugget hot off the presses:

Apparently Apple was not content to just make a limited version of Google Voice available for the iPhone. The Google app can now be loaded onto Apple’s iPod Touch and iPad devices as well.

And while the move introduces the Google Voice app to a wider swath of Apple users, one almost has to ask what’s the point in this particular case. iPod Touch and iPad users can’t use Google Voice to make VoIP calls on those devices. They can use the app to initiate calls on their actual phones, which then affects their plan minutes.

One of the compelling things about Google Voice has always been the free VoIP calling capability. Coincidentally, the iPod Touch and iPad do support VoIP calls from other providers, like Skype.

But all is not lost. As some consolation, Apple afficionados can still use Google Voice for sending and receiving free text messages.