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Don’t Mess with Robodialer

Don’t Mess with Robodialer

Yes, I hate getting those dreadful robocalls as much as you do, and I manage to shut them down with ever-increasing speed…

The Amazing and Mysterious Human Voice

My financial planner and I frequently have a good laugh whenever he does a basic “check-up” to make sure my financial strategy is on track; when he asks the stock question: “Projected retirement age..?” I beam: “Never!” I am blessed to love what I do so much that the idea of packing it in and retiring […]

Hey You! The PCI Standards Apply to You

Today I posted a story to both and regarding a new guidance the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard Council published for call centers. The guidance is rather extensive, so let me try to boil the 12-page document down to a few sentences: 1. If you take credit card information over the phone, […]

The Science of Directing Voice Talent

The Science of Directing Voice Talent

Communication between the talent and the writers/producers at the onset of recording is crucial. It’s important that the talent understands what the message is; who the audience is; and what the writers intentions were, and it’s paramount that the producers are able to articulate that clearly and succinctly to the talent. Glenn adds: “Often, before I start doing a take, I’ll ask the director to give me the background on the spot so that I can make the choices I need to make in my delivery.”

That Was SO Ten Years Ago

There are trends in voice-over work, whether you’re talking about the style of announcer you  hear on a TV ad, the type of telephone voice,  or even the kind of approach you might hear from a DJ on the  radio.  The mood or feel created by a voice is an important stylistic element to consider when hiring a […]