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NFB Scores Victories for the Blind, and Maybe Speech

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) this week reached an agreement with Ticketmaster, the global online event ticketing provider, to make its Web site fully accessible to the blind via a text-to-speech-enabled screen reader or braille technologies. The NFB also settled its lawsuit against the Law School Admissions Council to make its Web site […]

I’m (Apparently) Too Sexy for This IVR

A few years ago, I voiced an interesting project for Kodak: a self-serve photo developing kiosk where photographers could process their own film by simply walking up, installing their film, and controlling the processing of their photos in a very turnkey way. I was actually hired by a sound studio in Australia to do voice […]

Meet the Consultants You’ll Be Meeting With

Attendees at SpeechTEK Europe in London next month will be given an opportunity to meet with a number of leading industry consultants for free to discuss their individual speech technology requirements. The consultants who will participate in these one-on-one, face-to-face sessions are leading specialists in developing and implementing speech strategies for businesses throughout the world. […]

You Are Now Free to Move About the IVR

You Are Now Free to Move About the IVR

Reading phone systems disaster stories and the customer frustrations that ensue can be very entertaining reading in an odd, perverse way.

A Busy Month in Voice at Google

Google earlier this month expanded the available languages for its Voice Search product to include Indonesian, Malaysian, and Latin American Spanish. To help in the development of these languages, Google worked with native speakers in the three geographic areas so it could capture regional accents and conversational speech. “We also made sure to pay attention […]

Never a Dull Moment in Front of This Mic!

Never a Dull Moment in Front of This Mic!

As someone who voices the telephone prompts for a vast selection of companies, I get a front-row seat to the inner workings of a wide variety of industries. Most are unassuming and straightforward; others are so extremely bizarre they provide great fodder for dinner party talk—and now that I’m blogging, endless material for my articles.