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Is This The Party To Whom I’m Speaking?

Those who grew up watching comedienne Lily Tomlin do her “Ernestine” character, the loopy-yet-imperious telephone operator, will remember her signature line, delivered when she patches into a phone line and attempts to confirm that she’s connected to the correct person: “Is this the party to whom I am speaking?” The comedy lies in that whoever answers […]

Apple Files Speech Patents

Apple reportedly  has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  that has rumors circulating about native text-to-speech and speech-to-text on future versions of  the iPhone. According to published reports, the patent would cover ways to give iPhone users ways to communicate in noisy environments or situations where quiet is preferred, like in […]

What About Voice, Mr. Bloomberg?

I can’t seem to shake it any more: Every time I pick up and read the local free newspapers that clutter the entrances and exits to the New York subway stations, I come across something that irks me. Usually it’s the shoddy reporting or incomplete coverage of a topic or event. Sometimes it’s the opinions […]

Adventures in Telephone Banking

I recently witnessed my mother-in-law pay her first bill online, after she gradually found herself getting comfortable with her new iPad, a gadget I was convinced she would eschew and only use to play Sudoku or Scrabble, if at all. I saw, at first, fear at the idea of her releasing her confidential information into […]