Len Klie

Genesys Up for Sale? — New Developments Rumored

According to a few published reports, Alcatel-Lucent was working on a deal to sell its enterprise business unit to Permira Advisers, a London-based private equity firm with a European heritage and global reach, but that deal has collapsed.

Well now it seems that Permira is in  talks to buy only the Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories part of the unit, abandoning its exclusive negotiations with Alcatel-Lucent for the entire enterprise unit, according to published sources close to the negotiations.

Permira is just one name being floated in the sea of competitors for Genesys, one of the few elements in the enterprise business unit to turn a profit for Alcatel-Lucent. Siemens and Aspect Software have reportedly expressed an interest as well, and other bidders are sure to emerge.

Alcatel-Lucent has been trying to sell the entire unit for months, and few believe that the company is likely to sell off Genesys without some kind of a deal for the rest of the business unit.

Meanwhile, it seems to be business as usual at Genesys, which is headquartered in Daly City, Calif., far from the hustle and bustle of Paris, home of Alcatel-Lucent, which has seen its stock and revenues plummet of late.

In fact, Genesys is moving forward with a larger strategy to  bring conversations to mobile customer service applications. The new strategy will add capabilities to many Genesys applications, including its G8 suite, complete with Conversation Manager, which will bring agent conversations to iPhones, Integrated Mobile Customer Care Apps, and UC Connect, linking mobile customers to back-office and mobile experts. These new software versions are due out later this year.