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The Voices Behind The Consoles

There are certain TV shows and films that have featured unseen, automated, mechanical “voices” that never materialized into human form. They occupied a mechanized framework instead of a physical body, and became all the more fascinating and alluring to us because of their mystique as unseen characters. One of the most legendary “Voices Behind the […]

Google’s Plans for a Wearable Computer

Google is reportedly working on a pair of glasses that act as a mini portable computer, according to The New York Times and the Google blog Among the apps expected to be included are maps, GPS, and some sort of augmented reality that can overlay real-time information about the user’s surroundings. The Times reported […]

Google Might Be Readying Siri-Like TV Features

Google Might Be Readying Siri-Like TV Features

Google has recently filed a patent for a Google TV remote and applications that incorporate voice controls and Google’s cloud services, according to the Web site The patent, officially filed on September 29, 2011, but just recently made public, lets consumers use their Android phones as remote controls to search TV shows. The smartphone […]

Another Hurdle for Microsoft/Skype? Probably Not!

The $8.5 billion acquisition of VoIP and video calling service provider Skype by Microsoft last year has already closed. It received approval from American regulators last summer and the European Union four months ago, but Cisco Systems just can’t seem to let it go. Cisco has appealed to the General Court of the European Union […]


Android Users Get A New Speech Recognition App

iPhone 4s may have Siri, but now Android fans have a speech recognition app to call their own, Utter! The app was created by a British XDA developer who goes by the name Brandall, who said in a video that Utter! is unlike the voice recognition software app Siri on iPhone 4S (IOS 5) or […]