Michele Masterson

Android Users Get A New Speech Recognition App

iPhone 4s may have Siri, but now Android fans have a speech recognition app to call their own, Utter!


The app was created by a British XDA developer who goes by the name Brandall, who said in a video that Utter! is unlike the voice recognition software app Siri on iPhone 4S (IOS 5) or Speaktoit on Android or Ask Ziggy on Windows Phone 7, or the inbuilt voice actions for Android, which all use their own functionality to provide search results.

Utter! uses voice recognition in a similar way to Google Voice Search, or Siri, but in a much better way, Brandall says.

“The difference is it uses the default applications already installed on your device to give you a more personal experience with more functionality, or unlimited functionality depending on the applications you have already have installed, or choose to install,” he says.

Brandall demonstrated Utter!, asking it to show him the weather in his current location using an inbuilt sense weather application. The returned results are much faster than the standard results from Google Voice Search, he says.

Using other apps that have already been loaded, Utter! can perform tasks such as rebooting, checking battery levels, set CPU performance, give directions to Buckingham Palace, load YouTube, calculate figures, play a game, compose e-mails and texts, update Facebook status, search eBay, check store sales, translate languages, and more.

“Utter! is very configurable and easy to personalize, and very easy to assign spoken key words,” Brandall says.

Utter! also has an “alpha” conversation mode. “Let’s say you are home alone, and you don’t mind Utter! being as interactive and intrusive as possible, then you can allow her to start conversations whenever she likes,” says Brandall.

This is the funniest part of the demo. Utter! asks Brandall, “What are you doing?” and he replies that he is watching the “Lion King,” to which she responds, “You are 35 years old. Why are you watching a children’s film?”  Brandall tells her, “I am 21 years old,” and she replies (somewhat testily), “No, you are not!”

Click here to see the Utter! Demo.