Len Klie

Google’s Plans for a Wearable Computer

Google is reportedly working on a pair of glasses that act as a mini portable computer, according to The New York Times and the Google blog 9to5Google.com. Among the apps expected to be included are maps, GPS, and some sort of augmented reality that can overlay real-time information about the user’s surroundings.

The Times reported that users will interact with the glasses via head movements, and a camera will monitor the wearer’s surroundings.

Now none of this has been confirmed by Google, and the reports indicate that there might not even be a market for this sort of device, but should Google go ahead with the project, it would seem to me that speech technologies would and should play a role as the interface of choice.

Head gestures could be unpredictable and might not necessarily coincide with a user’s wants, whereas speech is much less ambiguous. If a user specifically requests something, chances are excellent that it is what he wants. And, since the glasses are so close to the ears already, audio output from the device could be fed right to the user without a lot of wires and cords.

I don’t know what kind of processor would be included with these high-tech specs, but if Apple can put all of the technology needed to run Siri on a device like the iPhone, it shouldn’t be that hard to do.