Michele Masterson

Siri Gets Sued

Frank Fazio of Brooklyn, NY, is so fed up with Siri’s limitations that he has initiated a class action lawsuit against Apple.

Fazio claims that Apple has misled and deceived the public in falsely advertising how Siri works, by showing ads that feature users making appointments, finding restaurants and learning guitar chords.


“Defendant’s advertising and marketing campaign is designed to cause consumers to purchase the iPhone 4S over other smart phones because of its Siri feature,” reads the court filing. “To the detriment of plantiff…defendant’s marketing campaign has succeeded.”

Imagine that, ads that actually prompt consumers to purchase products. Unheard of!

The filing goes on to say that the, “defendant knew or should have known that the iPhone 4S does not perform in accordance with the advertisements, marketing materials and warranties disseminated by defendant.”

Fazio said that he would not have spent $299 at his local Best Buy had he known that Siri wouldn’t be able to give him directions or locate places, as he claims.

Does that mean that consumers should bring suits every time a product doesn’t work as advertised? Apparently, Fazio thinks so, at least in Siri’s case, and is asking that Apple discontinue its “misleading” ads and is also seeking compensatory damages and restitution.

“Siri, do you promise to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth?”

“The courthouse is on the left. Get in line.”