Len Klie

Enter Now for Your Chance to Win

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 Speech Technology Industry Awards, which will be presented in the July/August issue of the magazine and at the SpeechTEK Conference in New York in August. The deadline for submitting nominations is this Friday, April 27.

Every year since 2007, Speech Technology magazine has presented the awards, which honor the best companies and individuals the industry has to offer. We recognize the leading vendors of six technologies (speech engine, speech self-service suite, speech analytics, voice biometrics, mobile voice search, and professional services) with our Market Leader Awards. In addition, we honor the industry’s thinkers and visionaries—influential leaders who have shaped the industry and inspired change—with our Speech Luminary Awards; the speech technology vendors that have made unique contributions to the industry as a whole, with our Star Performer Awards, and the speech user companies that have garnered the most impressive results from their deployments, with our Implementation Awards.

Nomination forms are online at our Web site, www.speechtechmag.com/Awards/. We’d like to hear from you.