Michele Masterson

Sestek Seeks To Make A Dent in the Global Voice Biometrics Market

Add Turkish speech tech company Sestek to the fray of voice biometrics providers, as the company has announced plans to bring its Voice Verification solution abroad.


Sestek has been in business since 2000, and counts clients in the finance, insurance and telecommunications sectors in Turkey. The company touts its Voice Verification solution as combining advanced background noise level detection and speech recognition technologies, and also features an implementation method that includes embedding two separate voice prints for cell and landline channels.

Among its achievements, in 2011, Sestek Voice Verification was deployed at the call center of Avea, a Turkish GMS (Global System for Mobile Communications) operator. Prior to the implementation, Avea verified customer identities using a manual agent-assisted procedure resulting in lost time and increased telecom costs. In the first year of the implementation, registered vocal password number reached one million. Today, the voice print number has reached 1.3 million and one out of every five calls includes the vocal password procedure. Last year, Sestek Voice Verification was also deployed at the call center of Turkey-based DenizBank.
One of the company’s upcoming projects is the implementation phase for the call center of Turkish Telecom, the largest telecom provider in Turkey. Other customers include Turk Cell, HSBC, and Pepsi.