Michele Masterson

Google Snaps Up Neural Networks Start-up

Google is furthering its research on deep neural networks with its acquisition of DNNresearch, a start up founded last year by University of Toronto professor Geoffrey Hinton and graduate students Alex Krizhevsky and Ilya Sutskever.
Hinton is well known for his work with neural nets, and according to Google, his research has profound implications for areas such as speech recognition, computer vision and language understanding.


“Geoffrey Hinton’s research is a magnificent example of disruptive innovation with roots in basic research,” said University of Toronto president, David Naylor.

The Google deal will support Hinton’s graduate students housed in the department’s machine learning group, while protecting their research autonomy under academic freedom. Hinton will divide his time between his university research and his work at Google.

“I am extremely excited about this fantastic opportunity to keep my research here in Toronto and, at the same time, help Google apply new developments in deep learning to make systems that help people,” said Hinton.