Michele Masterson

Consumers Warm Up To Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics is truly coming of age, with 90 percent of consumers saying that they preferred the technology over other methods of authentication, according to a series of surveys from Nuance.
The speech technology giant said that data from its findings showed that 85 percent of people are unhappy with current authentication methods. Mobile consumers have the hardest time with using traditional authentication methods: a whopping 67 percent said that they have more than 11 usernames and passwords, and 9 percent have more than 50 usernames and passwords. Additionally, of those surveyed, 74 percent said that the hassle of password authentication prevented them from accessing their personal information at least once.

“What we were really trying to figure out is what was the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with PINS and security questions within the call center context,” says Brett Beranek, solutions marketing manager, Enterprise Division, Nuance. “We also wanted to figure out why people are frustrated. The rate of success and the amount of time they spend on authentication are two important factors for consumers.”

One of the surveys was conducted with Opus Research, which polled over a thousand U.S. consumers who had recently used their telephone for customer care.

“A majority of the folks we surveyed indicated a level of frustration with remembering so many passwords and having to spend time answering ‘challenge questions,’ which were often not of their own making,” says Dan Miller, founder and senior analyst at Opus. “Many of them said that they would trust voice-based authentication.”