Michele Masterson

Consumer Survey: Messaging Preferred Channel Over Voice

A survey of how people prefer to stay in touch finds that given a choice, 62 percent said that they would most likely switch to a voice-to-text messaging system from a traditional voicemail system.


The Nuance-commissioned study from Research Now also found that although while 80 percent of people were more likely to use the voice channel and leave a voicemail when communicating urgent news, personal messages can potentially go unnoticed for some time.

While 79 percent of respondents found that receiving voicemails are more personal than texting, text messaging is still the dominant medium thanks to its speed and convenience, with 85 percent finding text more convenient than voicemails. In addition, 66 percent of respondents said that they prefer to receive news from a close friend through a text-based message rather than by voicemail.

Other user trends include: 

  • Voice messaging has shifted landlines to  mobile: 86 percent of people receive the majority of their voicemails on their mobile phone.
  • Text is the dominant channel: 57 percent of people are contacted via text more than any other form of communication.
  • Text is the most immediate channel: 96 percent of people are likely to read their messages and text back.