Len Klie

TigerText Introduces Messaging App for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will not be available for more than a week yet, but already TigerText has released an app that lets users send and receive messages to the device.

tigertext_logo_231pxTigerText today launched TigerText for the Apple Watch, which lets users  send and receive messages hands-free. Apple Watch owners will be able preview, read, and send secure messages in real time, as well as dictate message replies.

Like the TigerText mobile app and Web console, users will also be able to see when a message has been sent, delivered, and read.

TigerText for Apple Watch includes speech-to-text. Users can speak into the watch, and the TigerText app will convert their speech to text, helping them save time when corresponding with others.

Other capabilities include the following:

  • Receive notifications & alerts: Automated alerts and notifications from the TigerText app can be directly received on the Apple Watch.
  • View photos and videos: Users can view photos, videos, and other attachments sent via TigerText on the Apple Watch.
  • Record and listen to audio: Audio can be recorded and listened to using the TigerText Apple Watch app.
  • Guaranteed security & compliance: All messages sent and received via the TigerText Apple Watch app are fully secure, encrypted and compliant.

Wearable technology is expected to undergo a boom in popularity, and Apple Watch will  likely be the first device to plunge the technology into the mainstream, so it’s no wonder that apps are coming out already. The same occurred early on when all the buzz was around Google Glass, which now seems to have stalled.

TigerText for the Apple Watch will be available to download after the Apple Watch’s introduction on April 24.