Len Klie

A Quiet Acquisition for Nuance

Nuance has acquired Spanish speech biometrics technology provider Agnitio, but the two companies have been completely quiet about the deal for some reason. There were no press releases or media hype of any kind. In fact, the only reference either company has made to the deal is a line on Agnitio’s web site that identifies it now as “part of Nuance.”
Opus Research, however, reports that Nuance will roll Agnitio into the Security Group of the Nuance Enterprise Division.
The move strengthens Nuance’s position in Europe and also gives it a greater presence in the government sector, where Agnitio has focused most of its attention since it sold off its Kivox line of mobile embedded voice authentication technologies to Cirrus Logic in September 2015. Nuance will also be able to integrate Agnitio’s technologies with its own Nina virtual assistant to make IVRs, web sites, and mobile applications more secure.
But Dan Miller, founder and senior analyst at Opus Research, sees the acquisition as something that will have more far-reaching affects:
“The move marks another milestone in the metamorphosis of voice  from a discrete biometric factor for caller verification into a flexible component in a family of technologies that support fraud prevention and simple, secure, conversational commerce,” he wrote on Opus’ blog.