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Amazon Now Voice-Enables the Turkey Prep

Amazon Now Voice-Enables the Turkey Prep

With Thanksgiving happening later this week, a lot of first-time bird-preparers will have a lot of questions. And rather than keeping mom on the line for hours at a time to help with the cooking, users of Amazon’s Echo and other smart home devices will have a talking personal assistant right on hand to guide […]

Speech Has Gotten Incredibly Accurate

I’m not sure who provided the speech technology in my car, but I’ve seen firsthand the shortcomings that speech recognition has, especially in noisy environments. Given that complexity, using speech from 10 or 15 feet away in a quiet room sounds impressive, so you can imagine my surprise when I  learned that there is technology that can accurately […]

ABI Research: Voice Is the Newest Break-Out Star

Voice control became a standout, new category for smart home devices over the past 18 months, finds ABI Research. But its future is even brighter due to its solid marketing efforts, its ability to leverage digital assistant adoption on smartphones, and its ability to deliver genuine consumer value. Voice control smart home devices, typified by […]