Len Klie

Ho! Ho! Hold the Phone.

With Christmas just around the corner, millions of children are anxiously awaiting a visit from Santa Claus. They’ve written their letters to the North Pole, cleaned their rooms, and even tried to be as good as possible the past few weeks to avoid a stocking full of coal (although with the way energy prices have been going, that could actually come in handy one day).

Still, for all their efforts, most kids have no idea what’s on Santa’s mind, or his famous list, until they wake up on Christmas morning and behold what’s under the tree. That doesn’t have to be the case, not in today’s digital age, when even Santa is just a few button presses away.

Zang, Avaya’s cloud communication service that embeds voice and SMS capabilities into any mobile and web applications, is enabling that kind of a personal touch. Through the end of the month, Zang’s ‘Forget Me Not’ – Santa Edition service will allow parents to schedule a message from the North Pole with only a browser and a phone. It takes just four easy steps:

  1. Enter your telephone phone number
  2. Enter the recipient’s telephone number
  3. Pick the time you would like the recording to be delivered
  4. Zang ‘Forget Me Not’- Santa Edition service will then call your phone number for you to record, review and approve your message for delivery.

When the child answers the phone, the pre-recorded greeting from Santa will automatically play. If your family is busy and you happen to miss the call, the greeting will be directed to voicemail to listen to at a later time. You will automatically receive a text message to let you know your greeting was sent.

“We created the free Forget Me Not- Santa Edition service for the holidays to thrill and delight all the children who are eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival,” said Mohammad Nezarati, general manager at Zang, in a statement.”It’s a fun and fast way to show everyone how communications technology can surprise, delight, and foster positive relationships.”

And if kids believe in Santa for one more year, even better.

To access the free ‘Forget Me Not – Santa Edition’ service, visit http://www.zang.io/northpole.