Len Klie

Does Anyone Want to Talk to a Scooter?

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January, consumers get a glimpse of all the latest in technology. Voice interfaces have been an increasingly hot commodity at the show, and this year even a smart scooter from  OjO Electric will incorporate a voice response system with other smart technology.

An interactive, non-glare touchscreen allows the rider to choose speed, review current and historical distance, control lighting and sound and more. The OjO’s extras include dual integrated waterproof bluetooth speakers, voice response system, LED front and rear lights, a USB port for charging phone, a motion activated alarm, wireless key fob and a patented removable seat system

OjO is available in seven colors: bright white, black, sky blue, rose gold, graphite, orange, and a street art style. Priced at $1,999.99, OjO will be available in January on Amazon.com and this spring at BestBuy.

“We’ve been in research and development for almost three years to solve a dire need for a simple, stable, fun, bike lane-friendly, and clean commuter vehicle,” said President of OjO Electric, Dale Seiden. “Enter the world of OjO, a true advancement in personal e-transportation, unmatched in quality, agility, versatility and technology.  From its many patented features to the invigorating ride itself, this first-of-its-kind smart scooter gives a riding experience like no other. ”

But really, I’ve been told that riding a scooter is fun only until your friends see you on one. Is a voice interface going to change that?