Len Klie

Type a Script, TTS Makes a Movie

Through a new service called Autograf, anyone can now create their own short, animated films. The service was launched recently by French TV channel Arte and features narration from Acapela Group’s French text-to-speech voices.

To create the movie, users provide the plot in a a maximum of 400 characters, and Acapela voices linked to quirky, amusing animation will do the rest.

Autograf  was first conceived in 1990, so it has taken quite a while to launch. Five months in, though, 7,000 movies have been created, attracting more than 60,000 views.

 When a word is linked to an animated feature, the word is displayed in yellow. More than 900 words are associated with animated illustrations. Acapela voices instantly transform the text into voice, perfectly synchronized, as the yellow words transform into drawings.

‘Acapela synthetic voices become part of the magic of animation, transforming the typed text into speech. We have selected several voices from Acapela that are used randomly. You don’t know which voice will be used, and the result is always excellent and funny. We have received very good feedback from Internet users’ said Barbara Fuchs, web publisher and production manager at Arte, in a statement.

Autograf is also being used by the Arte TV channel to create short trailers and promote programs.

‘Acapela’s narration combined with the animation gives very impressive results. The synthetic voices can read any written content and we are delighted to hear our voices successfully tell stories created by internet users. Autograf is a very nice tool; participative, interactive and viral’ Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group, said in a statement.

Acapela voices are already familiar with the world of cinema and cinematic production, having been used to dub movies, provide voice overs and audio descriptions, or give a voice to mock ups.