Len Klie

Hold On! My Watch Is Talking

There’s a new watch accessory in town with plenty of cool speech technologies. The HBand is a voice-enabled strap that turns a watch into a phone answering device.

HBand replaces  current watch straps with built-in Bluetooth audio for Apple and other 22-24mm watches. The patented technology allows users to answer phone calls by raising their hands to their ears. For added convenience, HBand also has a hands-free mode, removing the audio fob from the strap and operating it as a typical Bluetooth headset.

The device features voice command support for Apple’s Siri and Google Now and text-to-speech for alerting users of pending notifications and time.
HBand works not only with smart watches, but with classic watches too. The slim, removable audio fob also offers high-quality call and music audio and noise and echo cancellation.

The HBand comes in three versions: Apple, non-Apple, and HBand with Integrated Classic Watch. The companion app for Android, Bluetooth Audio Manager, further enhances the suite of HBand features.