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Baidu Adds Voice Translation to its Input Mobile App

Chinese internet giant Baidu recently added a voice- and text-based translation function supporting 28 languages, not to mention simultaneous translation of Chinese, English, and Japanese to its Input product.

In a short amount of time, the mobile app has amassed more than 1.6 billion daily active users. Users evaluated and tested the translation function of the latest Android 7.6 version of this product; it fares well against the competition.

Baidu-Input Voice Translation

The application has two basic markets: U.S. students either studying abroad in China or studying Chinese in U.S. schools, and the hundreds of thousands of Chinese students studying in or traveling to the United States and Japan. As China’s economic influence grows and the U.S. seeks improved relations with China (now more important than ever as the threat of war with North Korea looms), more Americans are studying in China. According to a report by The American International Committee of Education, China has become the fourth most popular foreign language option for middle-school and elementary-school students in America.

For just this reason, the Baidu-Input Mobile App’s instant translation function pleasantly surprises many Americans, as it  quickly provides accurate, even simultaneous translation results.

We’ve known for some time that speech technology can transcend national borders; this just further supports that notion.

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