Len Klie

Speech Can Be Found in the Most Interesting Places

Monster Products, a provider of personal audio technologies, and Speak Music, providers of a voice and artificial intelligence-driven personal music platform, have collaborated on a line of voice-powered premium headphones through which consumers can dictate what music to play and ask for particular songs, artists, genres, or playlists. They can also tell the headphones to access iHeartRadio, Spotify Premium, NPR news briefs, or iTunes local music.

Through the collaboration, the new MonsterTalk family of voice-controlled music products, including Monster’s Elements, ClarityHD, and iSport Freedom V2 headphones now feature Speak Music’s voice-powered AI music assistant, Melody.
Melody uses cellular data networks rather than WiFi. With a single tap on Monster’s headphones, users can speak directly to Melody to request millions of songs, albums, artists, and playlists; request music by genre, mood, or activity; access thousands of podcasts and radio stations; and even change volume, play, pause, and skip tracks. Melody’s secure platform ensures that customer voice requests and data is used only to deliver personalized recommendations to the user.
“We are pleased to be able to couple Melody’s voice-activated music assistant with Monster’s array of high-end audio products, bringing an innovative listening experience to market with a forward-looking pioneer,” said Mark Anderson, CEO and co-founder of Speak Music, in a statement. “We believe that consumers want personalized experiences that don’t disrupt their activities, and through this partnership we are able to offer multitasking music lovers the best of both worlds: an expansive selection of audio entertainment and extreme ease of use in high-quality products.”
“Monster’s decades of experience in consumer audio make it clear to us that the market is moving toward voice as the new user interface,” added Noel Lee, head of Monster Products, in a statement. “In collaboration with Speak Music, we’re now able to deliver an unparalleled listening experience to our customers, who not only demand the highest quality in sound and product design, but also the ability to continue their activities uninterrupted, while enjoying whatever song, playlist, station or genre fits their mood in that moment.”
For me, I like to play really angry music at work. Is there a specific category for that?