Len Klie

Who Knew Talking Back Is a Good Thing?

COMVO, a new smartphone app developed by BPM Marketing, is here to change how people communicate on social media. Forget typing: COMVO combines texting with voice recording, allowing users to leave comments, send voicemails, and post status updates using only their voices and the push of a button.

COMVO incorporates all of the elements of the most popular social media tools. Users can have followers, groups or friends; the app allows for posting pictures, liking updates, or exchanging messages. Users can communicate privately or publicly and use voice to post, comment and reply; traditional methods of texting, posting video and images are also available. Instead of just reading the content, users can listen to “voice” posts or messages, which returns a personal element to communications. Like other popular social networking apps, COMVO shares posts or messages across other platforms.

“COMVO let’s you speak again. For too long, we’ve relied on typing to convey how we feel; finally, you can be heard the way you are meant to be,” said Rich Castaldo, CEO of BPM Marketing, in a statement. “COMVO takes the benefits of technology and enables people to once again communicate using their voices. We know people are ready to ditch texting for the convenience, speed, and authenticity of voice.”

“In the next five years the majority of people using apps will want hands-free use; COMVO is paving the way,” said Castaldo. “Don’t waste your voice; be heard. COMVO will let you do just that—loud and clear.”