Len Klie

Interactive Game Gives News with a Voice

International media company TRT World has launched the Tough Choices interactive audio adventure for Amazon Echo smart speaker devices.
TRT World’s Tough Choices is a voice-activated game. TRT World’s voice-activated products include a Daily News Quiz for Amazon Alexa and Google Home along with a Daily News Brief skill for Amazon Alexa.

“We have been experimenting with smart speakers in an effort to find a unique and original approach to this new platform. Our initial entry into the space allowed us to have an early presence on Amazon Echo,” said Murat Akguc, managing director of TRT World, in a statement. “Although there are news organizations distributing audio content on Amazon Alexa and Google Home, TRT World has taken a different approach. After running initial experiments using text-to-speech versions of voice services, we shifted our strategy to focus on delivering a more human experience through real voices.”

With the launch of Tough Choices, TRT World is using immersive audio storytelling to shed light on the human cost of war. In this touching story, users control the narrative with their voices by making tough choices while navigating their family to safety in the aftermath of a bomb attack in Afghanistan.

“As a media company in its early days of achieving worldwide reach, it was a challenge to prioritize Amazon Alexa and Google Home over chatbots. But we are betting on the underlying workflows and processes that are being put in place for delivering richer experiences across a wide variety of platforms,” Akguc said. “Leveraging the same content to develop or enrich new products across TV, web, mobile, and messaging is the way to go and offers greater reach for our content.”