Allison Smith

Obscenity Will Never Go Out of Style

It was an obscene phone call so well-cloaked; so incredibly subtly executed, that I didn’t even know I was into it until it was way too late. It was a Saturday morning, full of the usual hub-bub and rushing around that weekends usually bring, and we were on our way out of the house when the phone rang. It […]

My Bad Business Model

My Bad Business Model

My product can’t be manufactured without me physically being in the factory. I’m a shopkeeper who always has to be on premises  to make a sale, and my product can’t be made in advance, stockpiled, or frozen. I am, in fact, my product. The telephone prompts I voice for telephone systems around the world are, […]

Offbeat Clients Need IVR Too

In my career as a professional telephone voice, I can tell you that the work is fairly formulaic: Almost everybody requires a front-end (“greeting”) message, a message once people get to their various department selections, an after-hours greeting, and occasionally, an extended absence greeting.  That’s it. Sometimes, there’s deviation from that, but not often. Pretty […]

Traits of My Favorite Telco Clients  — Part 2

Traits of My Favorite Telco Clients — Part 2

In my most recent blog post, I discussed tangible measures that IVR writers can do with their scripts to greatly facilitate the recording of their prompts. It can be as simple as the program and format you use. In this post, I’ll delve into other ways that can forge a strong and easy relationship with […]

Traits of My Favorite Telco Clients, Part I

Traits of My Favorite Telco Clients, Part I

I am blessed every week to gain lots of new clients who either approach me after being referred by a colleague or come my way by way of  a Google search that eventually brings them to my Web site.  However, in addition to fresh new clients, I am also blessed to have a full roster of […]

The Voices Behind The Consoles

There are certain TV shows and films that have featured unseen, automated, mechanical “voices” that never materialized into human form. They occupied a mechanized framework instead of a physical body, and became all the more fascinating and alluring to us because of their mystique as unseen characters. One of the most legendary “Voices Behind the […]