Len Klie

Speech Has Gotten Incredibly Accurate

I’m not sure who provided the speech technology in my car, but I’ve seen firsthand the shortcomings that speech recognition has, especially in noisy environments. Given that complexity, using speech from 10 or 15 feet away in a quiet room sounds impressive, so you can imagine my surprise when I  learned that there is technology that can accurately […]

ABI Research: Voice Is the Newest Break-Out Star

Voice control became a standout, new category for smart home devices over the past 18 months, finds ABI Research. But its future is even brighter due to its solid marketing efforts, its ability to leverage digital assistant adoption on smartphones, and its ability to deliver genuine consumer value. Voice control smart home devices, typified by […]

A Quiet Acquisition for Nuance

Nuance has acquired Spanish speech biometrics technology provider Agnitio, but the two companies have been completely quiet about the deal for some reason. There were no press releases or media hype of any kind. In fact, the only reference either company has made to the deal is a line on Agnitio’s web site that identifies […]

Say Hello to HiMirror

Say Hello to HiMirror

I always knew we Americans are pretty vain, and perhaps even a bit narcissistic, but this might be taking it just a little too far: Apparently there’s now a voice-enabled smart beauty mirror that offers the ultimate in self-reflection.  Launching today in the United States, HiMirror offers in-depth, personalized skincare analysis. A companion Smart Body Scale can measure  weight, body mass index, body fat, […]

In Contact Centers, Voice Is Still King

Despite the rise in the use of non-voice channels for customer support, phone is still king, according to research released recently by inContact and Qualtrics The survey found that agents use phone-based support 86 percent of the time. The new research indicates a steady increase in non-voice channels for customer service, and CSRs are using multiple channels simultaneously, […]

Is Amazon on a Quest to Take Over the House?

Before long, it seems, Amazon’s Alexa Voice service will control everything in the house. It will become the one ring (or in this case, device) to rule them all. DTS, a provider of high-definition audio solutions, is the latest company to begin working with Amazon to bring the Alexa service to its ecosystem, incorporating the […]

Device Gives Farmers a Voice in the Field

Device Gives Farmers a Voice in the Field

I live in the Big Apple, so I’m not too in-tune with the daily struggles of farmers in America’s heartland, but apparently small, independent corn and wheat farmers and processors come in as underdogs when it comes to pricing their grain due to their small scale, at least that’s what Kurt Ahrens, founder of grain analysis […]