Len Klie

Goodbye Goog-411

Google ended its week Oct. 8 by announcing that it would be discontinuing the free Goog-411 directory assistance service that it has offered for the past three years. The death knell will officially sound on Nov. 12. Goog-411, the first speech-enabled directory assistance service, was reportedly a front for Google to gather utterances to build […]

Nuance Goes Deeper into the Big Blue

Nuance Communications today announced another partnership with IBM that sees the two companies working together to advance speech technologies. This latest venture involves natural language processing and clinical language understanding for the healthcare industry. It is certainly a far reaching effort, as there are 2 billion patient healthcare documents dictated every year in the United […]

The Case Against Assistive Technology

‘In an effort to increase schools’ use of assistive technologies (AT) for students with disabilities, AT software developer Don Johnston yesterday released a video titled “The Case Against AT.” The video, which is just over three minutes long, maintains that many children with learning and physical disabilities are being overlooked in schools because, among other […]

In Defense of Speech-to-Text

Speech technologies took another hit recently when an article in PCWorld, titled “Google Voice Failures: Lost in Transcription,” pointed to several pretty bad inaccuracies in Google’s voicemail-to-text translation service that is being offered as part of Google Voice. In a FierceVoIP blog about this particular subject, writer Mike Dolan suggests that “probably the major reason […]

No Excuses

The British government earlier this week eased flight restrictions related to the giant ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland, so you can’t use that as an excuse for not attending SpeechTEK Europe in London May 26-27. But don’t get me wrong: This is not an invitation to come up with a better excuse. On […]