The Official Speech Tech Blog iPhone Feature Wishlist of Spring 2009

Speech Heads, the world of smart phones is a hectic wild west of speech-enabled announcements and developments these days. We’ve got the new BlackBerry Storm that has some users chucking their iPhones like yesterday’s borscht, a new Treo coming out hoping to do the same to the Storm, and the iPhone looking to borschterize the […]

Amazon’s Kindle 2: Copyright Issues And Another Perspective

I’m sure that all of you Speech-Heads have been following the controversy surrounding Amazon’s Kindle 2 and it’s new TTS feature. A lot has been written and reported about the audio book copyright issues that arise from Kindle 2 converting the text of any book into speech. Well here at Speech Tech Blog, I’m not […]

Nexidia’s New Award Spawns Some Awards of Our Own

Speech Heads, it certainly has been a big year for Nexidia, and the year is but a slim five weeks old. They’ve been announcing partnerships with Microsoft and MSNBC and just patting themselves on the back silly, punch drunk and swooning with their outrageous fortune. I’m sure if you were to take a little trip […]